About TSA Membership

Become a member and join an organisation that understands your business. If you are in the Startup ecosystem, TSA is working right now to better the environment and improve your viability. Join and inspire others to do the same and help establish a strong Startup ecosystem in Tanzania.

Benefits of Becoming TSA Member

Are you ready to be part of the Startup ecosystem? If yes, you are welcome to become a member of TSA. All TSA members will have exclusive access to the following member-only benefits:

TSA will address policy and regulatory issues affecting the industry enabling environment including taxes and overregulation..

Access to a publications library including best practice manuals created by TSA and our partners

Direct and specific linkages between members and stakeholders including institutional and individual investors, and other service providers to create impactful partnerships.

Industry-specific and tailor-made training provided exclusively to members throughout the value-chain to improve skills necessary for success in the ecosystem

Opportunity to network with other industry actors through various platforms organized by TSA and its partners

Procedures for joining and becoming a member of TSA

can become a member by filling the membership application form available on our website.

After filling the form, TSA will contact you to cross-check your information and request a list of documents.

If your information is valid, you will then be awarded membership status in the form of a membership certificate. If your information is not valid, your application will be declined and TSA will provide feedback as well.

For more information about membership, please contact us through

General conditions for the applicants

Must represent an organisation that is a stakeholder of the startup ecosystem in Tanzania.

Registered organizations must present proof of registration by submitting a Certificate of Incorporation, TIN Certificate, and Business Licence or the equivalent.

Non registered organizations must submit Team Lead’s National ID, Voters ID, or Passport in case of non-citizen.

Committed to comply with all laws and regulations of the Association and those of the United Republic of Tanzania.

Must not be charged with economic crimes, offences and or corruption.

Must be sound mind and not declared insanity.