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A membership-based umbrella organisation that brings together stakeholders of Tanzania's startup ecosystem to lobby, advocate and drive for frameworks that create a conducive business environment for the ecosystems to grow and scale.

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Greetings from the TSA Board of Directors

About 1,000,000 job seekers enter the Tanzania labor market annually, according to Office of Treasury Registerar, while the economy's capacity to create new jobs is less than 40,000 per annum in the public sector and 300,000 in the private sector. With these low figures, youth unemployment is an increasing challenge in Tanzania.

Over the years, entrepreneurship and innovation have created an opportunity for this category of the population to self-employ. For example, Tanzania has witnessed an explosion in the number of startups since 2009. According to study done by World Bank 2017, the number of new startups grew by 33%, and the potential for further growth and survival is immense.

At TSA we believe in leveraging innovation to create new business models to solve societal challenges. As an apex body for the startup's ecosystem in Tanzania, we are working with key stakeholders, policy, and decision-makers to create a conducive environment for startups to flourish. We all have a role to play in facilitating the growth of startups in Tanzania. I am convinced startups will be game changers in Tanzania in the next ten years. The next generation of Tanzanian millionaires will come from startups. I welcome you to join us on this exciting journey.

Paul Makanza

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We work with public institutions, private companies, development partners, academia, hubs and investor networks, to foster,nurture and enhance the startup ecosystem in Tanzania.


Advocating and lobbying for policies, laws, and regulatory frameworks that foster the growth of the startup ecosystem.


Working with local international players in to accelerate the flow of capital investment opportunities to the ecosystem.


Producing data and information to help keep track of the ecosystem.


We work with startup companies, government ministries and agencies, entrepreneurship support organisations, academia, capital providers, private sector associations, development partners, and the international community to advance our startup ecosystem.

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